Directions and Maps

Strategic (glass Waste Connections)

snitzer tacoma to snitzer portland

Sheets Unlimited (Paperrolls from PTPC)

Island Disposal (Glass & Comingle)

Pac Terminal (Paperrolls from PTPC)

Carastaur c/o CTE Logistics in sumner (Paperrolls from PTPC)

GP Olympia (Paperrolls from PTPC)

Sheets Unlimited (Paperrolls from PTPC)

Fleet Wash Truck wash (exit 127 Lakewood)

S&W Truck wash (exit 88 Grand Mound exit)

J H Large (Truck Repair)

Jopp Vancouver (City Bark)

Jopp Tacoma (Pallet Services)

Jopp (Yancy Pallet)       Jopp Yancy loading instructions

Jopp (IFCO Portland)    CB Channel 40

Jopp (Clackamas)         Jopp Clackamas loading instructions

Future Recovery          Future recovery loading instructions

Carpinitos (Kent)

Port Townsend Paper   CB channel 30

North Mason (Belfair)    CB channel 12

Willis (Belfair)   CB channel 3

Willis (Moon Island)  CB channel 39          willis moon island loading instructions

PettyJohns (Shelton)           Petty Johns loading instructions

Cosi (Cosmopolis)     CB channel 27

ALTA Crane Creek (Amanda Park)

Sierra Pacific Industries (Aberdeen)   CB channel 3

Arrow to Snohomish OCC

Snohomish OCC to Everett

Bens Dozer Black Diamond Job

CasCell OCC (Tacoma)

Kapstone    CB channel 25   EFI Alder Code VW1113

Swansons Bark (Longview)

GP Camas  CB channel 21     PAH#6569/EFI#0288           Camas mill dumping instructions

GP Wauna

Nippon Longview (formerly Weyco)   CB channel 21

Rainier Wood Recyclers (Fall City)    CB channel 12

Rainier Wood Recyclers (Covington)            RWR Covington loading instructions

Rainier Wood Recyclers (Black Diamond Job)RWR Blackdiamond job directions

Grahman Landfill to Rainier Wood Recyclers (Covington)

Olympus Pellets (Shelton)

Gem Shavings (Auburn)

Gem Shavings (mill 5)

A & L Topsoil (Kingston)

Tilz Soil (Bainbridge Island)

Purdy Topsoil

Bark Time (Snohomish)

Maple View Dairy (Sequim)

Heifer Farm (Sequim)

Blakes Tile & Stone (Sequim)

Eastside Landscape (Port Angeles)

Olympic Organics (Backhaul for Eastside Landscape)

LRI (Hidden Valley)

LRI (Hidden Valley) to Silver Springs Organics

LRI (Graham)  CB channel 25 heading in; then CB channel 27 up the hill        LRI Graham Dump notes

LRI (Sales Rd)

LRI (Purdy)     CB channel 27            LRI Purdy loading instructions

Silver Springs Organics to Corliss (next to Hidden Valley)


Clayton Ward (Walla Walla)

Columbia Recycling PDX (Portland OCC)

Olympic Trac – Burco (Puyallup)

Waratah Forestry (Longview)

Schnitzer Steel to Graham Landfill

Warrenton to Cosi   CB channel 11 (Warrenton)        Warrenton loading instructions

Mutual Materials (Parkland)

Mutual Materials (Bridgeport)

Mutual Materials (Port Orchard)

Allied Roofing

D Street Tacoma Garbage

JMK Fiber (Co-mingle Waste Connections loads)

WasteConnections (Glass to Lacy)

Valley Freightliner (Off 167 & Stewart)

Cascade Recycling (From Westrock)

PAH Bark to Willamette Valley (Centralia)

Salty SD to Jake Port Orchard (Mikes Friend)

JMK Tacoma to Island Recycling (Whidbey Island)

Kenworth (Lakewood)

Pioneer Recycling (Comingle)

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