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Processing description:

Hog fuel is a mix of limbs, bark, and clean wood waste after it is ground up through our Peterson 5710 horizontal grinder with 3″ and 4″ grates. This makes our finished mulch product the perfect size for decorative ground cover.

Mulch Usage:

mulch_usage03 mulch_usage04 mulch_usage05

Mulch can be placed in pasture land or outdoor animal pens 8″ to 12″ thick so animals do not have to stand or lay in mud. However, the ground should have no drainage problems that create standing water. Mulch is a wood product and should not be applied in standing water as it will float and can be washed away.

Mulch can also be placed in large, medium, small shrub beds, flower beds, tree bases for decoration and water retention. If mulch is spread 8″ to 12″, this can act as a natural weed block. This coverage prevents sunlight from allowing weeds to grow. However, it is best to get rid of weeds or lay a weed block before laying mulch. But once mulch is spread 8″ to 12″ thick, any weeds that get blown in from wind or mowing, cannot take root in the soil and they are easily pulled out with little effort from on top of mulch.

Having 8″ to 12″ of mulch, the winter and spring rains will be absorbed by the thick mulch and very little watering will need to be done, if any at all.


Beauty Bark:

Tree bark is first ground up by our Peterson 5710 horizontal grinder with 3″ and 4″ grates. Then the ground up material is run through our screen plant. This produces a medium sized beauty bark for decorative ground cover anywhere in your yard.

 Beauty Bark beauty_bark02 beauty_bark03


Once the forest trees have been debarked, they are run through the mills saw blades and cut to production dimensions. Once there is enough lumber cut, it is put into a heated Kiln and dried. Then the lumber is put through a planer where it is planed down to finished dimensions. This planing produces a shavings product that is dry and flakey and about the size of your fingernail.

Shavings are excellent for inside barn use for bedding animals. This helps to keep them clean and dry.

 shavings02 shavings01


Once the forest trees are debarked, the trees are put through the mills saw blades. This produces sawdust. The sawdust is damp because the trees just came out of the forest. The main difference between shavings and sawdust is the moisture of the product. Sawdust is damp and the shavings are a kiln dried by-product.

Sawdust is also excellent for inside barn use. The damp sawdust easily soaks up animal waste and is also easy to shovel for removal.

IMG_1502 sawdust01 sawdust03


Alder Chips:

Alder chips are a good decorative yard cover for anything from tree bases, shrub beds, paths and especially playground chips.

IMG_1497 chips03


Fine soil has been put through our CEC Screen plant. The finished product is 3/8″ pebbles or smaller. Course soil has been put through our CEC screen plant. The finished product is 5/8″ pebbles or smaller. Soil is about 20% organic and is PH neutral.

soil02 soil01


Pricing (Tax will apply to your local rate – Prices subject to change without notice.)

per 50 yards includes delivery on Peninsula $375.00
per 100 yards includes delivery on Peninsula $475.00
Beauty Bark
per yard plus delivery (minimum of 50 yard) $13.00
per 50 yards delivery included in price

per 100 yards delivery included in price




Alder chips
per yard plus delivery (minimum 50 yards) $13.00


Alder sawdust
per ton plus delivery (minimum truck load approximately 50 yards)  $50.00 per Load + Del.
 per ton plus delivery (minimum truck load approximately 100 yards)   $100.00 per Load + Del.
Hemlock sawdust
plus delivery on Peninsula (minimum truck load approximately 50 yards) $250.00
Fir sawdust
plus delivery on Peninsula (minimum truck load approximately 50 yards) $250.00


Fine soil
per yard plus delivery at dump truck rates (minimum 15 yards per load) $10.00

Cost of Delivery We have three delivery methods available.

First, we can deliver 40 to 50 yards at a time with a “small” truck. This vehicle is a Kenworth Straight Truck and measures about 31′. It holds 50 yards and will weigh about 57,000 to 64,000 LBS. The ground has to be firm enough to hold that much weight. We can put half the load in one area and the other half in another area if desired and there is appropriate room to do so.
 cost_of_delivery02 The 2nd delivery method available is with our 48′ belt trailer. This trailer is available for delivery of 70 to 100 yards of material depending on moisture. The overall combination is about 65′ long and will weigh about 96,000 LBS when loaded. The ground has to be firm enough to hold this much weight as well the room to maneuver in and out of the area safely.
cost_of_delivery03 The 3rd option is our Hermann Brothers Peterbuilt dump truck and pup trailer. The truck is about 20 feet long and when loaded will weigh about 62,000 LBS. If the pup is attached, it will be about 70′ long and weigh about 105,000 LBS. When the truck is without the pup trailer attached, the dump truck can haul 15 yards. When the pup trailer is attached, it will be a combined total of 25 yards of soil.


Delivery Cost
Port Angeles Proximity $150.00
Sequim $200.00
Port Townsend $300.00
Port Hadlock, Chimicum, Port Ludlow $325.00
Joyce $175.00
Port Ludlow $325.00
Bainbridge $475.00
Dump Truck
Truck solo per hour $115.00
Truck and pup per hour $130.00


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