Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do we ask you the reason for your use of a particular product?

This is done not to invade your privacy, but to help you understand the full use of the product.  There may be a different product that would better suit your needs.

Can I use my own vehicle to pick up the product?

No, the yard where woods chips are produced is extremely busy.  There is machinery and large trucks moving in many areas.  Because of the safety issues we cannot allow private vehicles in the yard.

What is the best way to spread the product?

Since we only deliver in 50 yard quantities or more, it is best to have a tractor, rent a tractor, or have a tractor lined up for use. It is difficult to shovel and wheelbarrow mulch.

How much do I need to cover this area?

You will want to know the square footage and how thick you want to lay the material. One good online calculator is found at: Landscape Calculators.

If you have a question you’d like answered, feel free to send us an email.

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