Hogfuel is a mix of limbs, bark, and clean wood waste after it is ground up through our Peterson 5710 horizontal grinder with 3″ & 4″ inch grates. This makes our finished mulch product the perfect size for decorative ground cover.

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Mulch can be placed in pasture, land, or outdoor animal pens 8″ to 12″ thick so animals do not have to stand or lay in mud. However, the ground should have no drainage problems that create standing water. Mulch is a wood product and should not be applied in standing water as it will float and can be washed away.

Mulch can also be placed in large, medium, and small shrub beds, flower beds, tree bases for decoration and water retention. If mulch is spread 8″ to 12″, this can act as a natural weed block. This coverage prevents sunlight from allowing weeds to grow. However, it is best to get rid of weeds or lay a weed block before laying mulch. Once the mulch is spread, any weeds that get blown in from wind or mowing cannot rake root in the soil and they are easily pulled out with little effort from on top of the mulch.

Having 8″ to 12″ of mulch, the winter and spring rains will be absorbed by the thick mulch and very little watering will need to be done, if any at all.


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